• Capacity: 1,000 L
  • Height: 1.88 m
  • Length: 1.25 m
  • Width: 0.6 m
  • Diameter: 0 m
  • States Available: SA
  • Product Grouping: Industrial Water Tanks
  • Shape: Slimline

Available Colours

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Capacities and measurements are tested in accordance with AS4766, but may vary due to the roto-moulding process. Dimensions in metres are rounded to the nearest centimetre.

Dimensions in imperial are rounded to the nearest inch. Subtract 100mm from pump cover dimensions when estimating internal measurements.

When estimating space requirements for siting your tank, Bushmans recommends a minimum clearance of 100mm at top and sides. Read less

Note – The colours shown on screen represent the actual colour as accurately as possible…..Read more

Item code: TSL220IND

1,000 Litre Industrial Tank

The TSL220 Industrial tank is designed for applications that require smaller volumes of storage. It is ideal for storing chemicals and waste water.

The TSL220 can be used in a wide range of locations for water storage and the storage of other liquids including manufacturing facilities, distribution centres as well as specialist operations such as swimming pools and food processing.

The TSL220 is made in Bushmans quality certified manufacturing plants from Bushmans Sunsmart® technology providing better performance in Australia’s hot and sunny conditions. The tank is designed to the AS/NZS4766 which ensures the tank will perform under tough industrial conditions.
It can be easily incorporated into an industrial process. The TSL220 can be fabricated with a range of industrial fittings to ensure the tank meets the operation requirements of a particular process.

For more information on Bushmans TSL220 Industrial tank call on 1300 373 392 or email your local Bushmans service centre.