Bushmans chemical tanks can be a core part of chemical manufacturing facilities and are used to store raw materials, finished products and intermediate chemicals. Customers of chemical manufacturers and distributors often have a requirement to safely store chemicals on site in bulk on their site.

Bushmans range of chemical tanks are ideal for storing chemicals in a wide range of factories and facilities.

Bushmans have been manufacturing tanks since 1989 and this experience provides proof  that our products have stood the test of time.

Bushmans tanks can be designed to meet your specific requirements and are manufactured to suit the customer’s operation. Tank capacities range from 1,000 litres through to 46,400 litres, with the choice of a blank or a fully fitted out tank. Bushmans has the tank for all your storage needs.

Our tanks are designed and manufactured to ensure they perform to the level required by a particular application in the Australian climate. There is a focus on ensuring the safe storage of hazardous goods and ensuring the environment is protected.

Bushmans uses its own Sunsmart® polyethylene raw material in their tanks and it is an advanced generation linear material that has been used extensively in the Australian market. Bushmans only uses the highest quality raw materials for the whole of the tank and this provides the greatest strength coupled with superior chemical resistance.

BUSHMANS chemical tanks are used extensively for storage of chemicals used in the food processing industry. They are suitable for a wide range of jobs including storage of chlorine, sodium, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, and many more chemical and food ingredients. For a copy of our Chemical Resistance Chart click on this link.

Sunsmart® raw material used in our tanks, combined with BUSHMANS proven tank design results in:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Strength, resulting in impressive impact resistance
  • Longer tank life

Bushmans fleet of delivery trucks operate from factories in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. There is a comprehensive range of fittings, accessories and attachments to meet the requirements of most applications and building designs. Click this link to view some of the accessories available.

Bushmans extensive experience in working with customers to solve specific storage problems and operational applications. We may just have the answer you are looking for.

For our Frequently Asked Questions on industrial tanks click on this FAQ link. This provides useful information on how to maximise the service life of your tank.

Liquid Chlorine Storage

Chlorine is a widely used chemical in areas such as swimming pools, cleaning products and industrial processes however it must be stored in a safe way, to protect people and the environment. State governments have strict Work Health and Safety requirements for storing chlorine and there are significant penalties for incorrect storage.

BUSHMANS Chlorine Tanks are made ready to go and come with all the necessary inlet and outlet fittings, including level gauge and vent.

  • External liquid level indicator that allows simple and easy management of chlorine levels
  • Independent roof mounted vent, 50mm that provides safe venting of any vapours
  • Overflow 90mm, to enable discharge at ground level in bund and reduces the risk of splashing and leakage outside the bunded storage area
  • The robust ball valve outlet, 50mm provides high flow levels
  • Screw cap vented lid that is simple and easy to open
  • Fixed inlet pipe 50mm, with a 50mm inlet valve, with T-piece incorporating a 25mm drain valve, and a 50mm male camlock. Side mounted riser pipe for easy and safe tanker filling
  • One piece rotationally moulded polyethylene tank shell to ensure strength in manufacture and no risk of leaks
  • Comprehensive 5 year industrial guarantee you can rely on