The storage of water in industrial and commercial operations often requires a heavy duty storage tank. The use of tanks in commercial operations can be for rain water storage, storm water retention and the capture and storage of contaminated water.

Bushmans have been manufacturing tanks since 1989 this knowledge provides you with the peace of mind that our products have been tested in the field for many years.

Heavy Duty industrial and storm water tanks are a stronger and more robust product and can operate in environments where there are large fittings required and the constant pumping of liquids in and out of the tank. Bushmans have a large range Heavy Duty Industrial water tanks which can be designed to meet your specific requirements.

Bushmans heavy duty industrial tanks are made to order to suit the specific requirements of the customer’s building or yard. Capacities of our tanks range from 1,000 litres through to 46,400 litres, with a choice of fittings and accessories.

Sunsmart® polyethylene raw material is used by Bushmans in their heavy duty and storm water tanks and this is an advanced generation linear plastic that has additional protection against ultra violet radiation.

Bushmans Sunsmart® raw material used in our tanks, combined with BUSHMANS proven tank design results in:

  • Excellent UV protection
  • A stronger tanks, resulting in impressive impact resistance
  • Longer tank life

Bushmans in-house fleet of trucks deliver products from factories in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

There is a wide range of fittings and attachments available to meet the requirements of most building designs. Click this link to view some of the fittings and accessories available.

Bushmans has wide ranging experience in working with customers to solve specific storage problems and operational applications.