Custom Moulding

Australia’s Leading Manufacturer Bushmans Industrial is a leading rotational moulding company in Australia and the major manufacturer of custom made water tanks. Its original brand of proprietary plastic water tanks were launched over 26 years ago. Continuous investment has led to the company expanding across Australia, now with manufacturing plants in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. We have rotational moulding machines in a variety of sizes and configurations, all employing state of the art technology.

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Custom Moulding

Bushmans Industrial has the experience and know-how to work with customers to design and manufacture products for specific applications. Not only do we produce custom water tanks and tanks for industrial and agricultural use, but some other products we have designed and made in the past include agricultural chemical dispensing units, mud guards and bitumin tanks. Whatever your needs, rotational moulding is the ideal solution as the opportunities to build plastic moulded products are endless.

Custom Rotational Moulding & Custom Water Tanks

Bushmans is dedicated to the manufacture and supply of a comprehensive range of plastic rotationally moulded products to a wide variety of markets for numerous applications. Plastic moulding gives you access to our manufacturing expertise and the ability to have a custom water tank produced to specifically suit your needs.

Rotomoulding offers relatively low tooling costs, economical short runs and ability to cope with large moulds. It is ideally suited to new product development, and prototype work can be carried out without vastly expensive mould costs. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and quality-assured custom made tank Bushmans custom Rotational Moulding is a fantastic solution.

Design Development

Bushmans can work with you at concept stage to prove design ideas, input data on new materials and develop new processes. Support is available to ensure efficiency at all stages and prototypes can be fabricated or moulded quickly for a reasonable investment. We keep up to date with world-wide developments within the plastic rotational moulding industry and know what works and what does not.

Why choose rotational moulding

Compared to blow moulding, rotational moulding of plastics permits much more complex, asymmetrical shapes. Wall thickness distribution is more uniform with rotomoulding and part size can go well beyond anything which is possible with blow moulding.

Relative to injection moulding, rotational moulding has major advantages of low mould cost and the ability to produce complex hollow articles. Doing it the Bushmans way also ensures that the materials used are 100 % quality guaranteed and made in accordance with the Australian quality standards.

Why choose Bushmans

We are 100 % Australian owned and operated.

We only use the best raw materials and a Bushman’s product is always guaranteed to last.

Our tanks all have to pass strict quality tests to ensure that they are safe, durable and suitable for the task for which they were created

Bushmans rotational moulded products have been in service in Australia’s harsh environment, for over 26 years.

Our manufacturing capability spreads across eastern Australia and we are proud to operate and supply our range of industrial and water tank accessories in the areas of VIC, SA, QLD and NSW and have facilities in these states providing them with fast and efficient service.

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